How to buy raspberry pi zero w in India

Update on 19 Jun 2018 – Raspberry pi zero w is now available to buy from 2 sellers in India. Click on the buy now button on this page for more details.

Hi, I’m Venkat. I live in Bangalore, India. Ever since the raspberry pi foundation
announced the raspberry Pi zero w, I wanted to get hold on one, I wanted to buy it.

Unfortunately none of the Indian sellers were able to get hold of the raspberry pi zero w. So I wrote to the Raspberry Pi Foundation and requested them to make the raspberry pi zero w available in India.

I got a prompt reply from them. They said they are continuing to make it available internationally.

They also pointed me to a nice website that shows the current availability of the pi zero and the pi zero w across all stores. Many of those stores ship internationally to India. Not many, but some of the stores ship internationally to India.

I ordered the pi zero w from a UK store PIMORONI.

I got the pi within a couple of days. However, the overall expense for me to get the raspberry Pi zero w turned out to be ₹3000. The shipping cost was three times as much as the original cost of the pi zero w. So, I was looking for other options.

Recently I discovered that there is another UK based store called the They were shipping the pi zero w to India as well.  The overall cost is around 12 pounds. For me, it was like 1030 rupees.

However, I only received the pi zero w after 2 to 3 weeks. This is the packet in which I received the raspberry Pi zero w.

And here’s the price. Please note that the raspberry pi foundation
has imposed a restriction of only one pi zero w per person.
Have you been able to get hold of a raspberry pi zero w in India?
If so, please comment below. Also, please mention the price along with the comment so that others can benefit and get to know where
they can buy the same. Thank you for reading my post. I have also posted a video with all these details.

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  1. Raspberry Pi-Zero W officially launched in India.
    Yes, It’s true! and Mynics is the official dealer for the same.
    After a long wait for over two years we get to buy the same in India. You don’t need to wait any longer to get your hands on it.
    Buy your RPI-Zero-W today @ Mynics.
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